APAC System In Action
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 ‘WILL COVER BOTH 10mm, 15mm & 22mm PIPES’


  • One sized adjustable nylon back plate will house our APAC 15mm & 22mm pipe clips and a 10mm reducer, or a combination of these sizes.
  • One sized universal white uPVC cover, used only in conjunction with our back plates will cover both 15mm & 22mm pipes.
  • One sized universal white uPVC cover will accommodate many of the leading brands 10mm & 15mm plastic pipe couplers and elbows.
  • Adjustable horizontal positional movements are possible to both clip positions (see pic 1 below) and back plate (see pic 2 below).
  • Adjustable easy to fit clips incorporating ‘positive action’ pipe retaining feature.
  • Substantial time savings, can be made with the APAC System by eradicating alignment difficulties, prior to final fixing.
  • Positive secure fixing is achieved because the cover is fastened into the total length of the back plates, NOT the clip edges.
  • Pipes are retained in clips, that remain independent of the cover.
  • Retro fit - existing pipework by using just the backplate and cover.
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Clips and plate are supplied ready assembled
Shown for illustration purposes only. The Apac System can cover many of the leading brands 15mm plastic pipe couplers and elbows.

The APAC System is revolutionary ‘Ask for it by name’.

Community registered design No 001879594. Patent applied for GB1110281.1