APAC System Background Information
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We continue to develop the Adjustable Plate And Cover (APAC) System with further new accessories being added including a 10mm reducer.


The principal benefit of the APAC System to the Merchant is that the universal trunking cover is suitable to encase both 15mm and 22mm pipes, and can be further adapted by using the 10mm reducer. All sizes secure into the unique adjustable ‘one size’ nylon base plate. Stockists of the system will, therefore, no longer have the need to carry three trunking cover sizes in stock. A full product description, fixing instructions and ordering codes are featured on the following pages.


APAC System Product DetailsAPAC System In ActionAPAC2 General Applications


We trust that the APAC System will prove a popular addition to our range. Please ‘Ask for it by name’.

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Patent applied for GB1110281.1